Travel Thank-You's!

With Thanksgiving happening tomorrow, we obviously have alot to be thankful for. The same stuff every year... like friends and family, blah blah... (no, but really -- friends and family you are a big deal!) .... but what else are you thankful for? And specifically what are you thankful for in regards to travel?

Feel free to leave a comment on what you are thankful for in the world of travel, this year.

i.e.: I'm thankful that there are less people traveling right now, therefore for the hotels/airports/restaurants are less crowded and great deals are everywhere!

I'm thankful that it's easier to get upgraded now that less people are traveling.

I'm thankful that it only costs $40 roundtrip for my Prius to go to Vegas or San Diego.

I'm forever grateful for noise-canceling headphones (thank you Bose!) and my iPod! Yess...


Lori said...

I'm thankful for the freedom to travel. It's such a great thing to able to see and experience new things, meet new people, learn about new cultures.

Shannon said...

I am thankful for Rylee and that travel allows people from afar to come and see her... my Dad arrives in two weeks!