Luck o' the Irish

So how are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year? If you're over in Dublin right now, not only are you smart and lucky... but I (and the rest of us) are pretty jealous right now!

I have been to Ireland, but it wasn't during St Patrick's Day. Some day... that's on the travel bucket list. (I suppose I should create a blog list for that.)

But I definitely celebrate St. Patrick's Day no matter where I am. It's a fantastic (drinking) holiday to celebrate with friends...especially when it's a traveling holiday.

Here's some thowback photos to a few years ago when some girlfriends and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate. ;)

Yes, they put 45lbs of green dye into the Chicago River. 

Green Beer? Yes, please!

This bar was appropriately called "Shenanigan's"!

Irish Kissy-Face

It's time to travel, baby!!

Ummm... holy cats! The USD to Euro just went down again... it's now $1.04 to one Euro. My next trip isn't until June; I think I may need to change that. 

Seriously... there couldn't be a better time for Americans to travel right now. :)

My next "planned" overseas trip is in June...maybe I should rethink things and go (again) sooner!!

Enjoy the little things

This is so true when it comes to most everything. Keeping travel in mind... I try to savor that last macchiato, one last conversation with a stranger, one last store greeting, basically remembering all the little things along the you can cherish until the next visit. 

Something in the Italian Travel Water?...

How cool is this? Two, unbeknownst to each other, friends are both traveling to Italy the same week -- and in a few weeks. Soo excited for them... as neither have been there before, and I was able to help them a bit with their trips.
You see, in all my travels... Italy has stolen my heart. Straight up, stole it. To the point where, whenever I travel somewhere's like I feel guilty or something. I just love to go there and explore... the big cities are cool, yes - and quintessentially "touristic necessities"... but it's the small towns that have grabbed at my heart strings.
I feel blessed that my friends shared their upcoming journeys with me. Grateful that I could shed some light on their itineraries...and can't wait to see the photos!