Ha! Laughing at Technology..

So first of all, I'm sorry! Sorry that it has officially taken OVER 60 days for me to post here. But looking at the date of the last one, September 11th... well, that was actually the day my "good" laptop crashed. The first time.

Yes... the first time. I brought it back for repair, ironically... I had purchased it EXACTLY one year the year before, so it still had the one-year mfr's warranty. Sent it out for about 45 days... had it back for another 7, and CRASH! Again... alas, HP finally admitted that it was the motherboard.

So I'm coping right now w/ a year 2k Sony vaio Dino.

I know this isn't a travel-related post.. my apologies, but I will continue shortly. :)


MN Mom said...

So happy to hear from you!!!
I so understand the trouble with technology but they have us now-we can't get along without it.
Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Shannon said...

Good to have you back posting! Hey, how did your Halloween lost luggage costume go over?