For the Love of Air Travel

Zagat Survey just published their 2008 Airline Survey Results. You can read about it here. But what I really enjoyed were the fantastic comments that over 9,000 surveyers had left regarding the various airlines.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

"The Rhett Butler of airlines: they just don't give a damn."

"The only thing older than the planes are the flight attendants."

"Bathrooms smell like the lion house at the zoo on a hot day."

I have my speculations on which airlines some of the comments were geared towards, but I give props to Zagat for bringing some much needed light-hearted humor to the travel industry.

One Hotelier's Mindset for this Economy...

Check out this link on for the Morgans Hotel Groups' thoughts for the recession. While the language may be bold for some, I tend to appreciate their attitude. Why wimper and crawl into a hole? Embrace the struggle with enthusiam and energy!

Like attracts like... therefore, having a party to celebrate will bring more excitement, more promotion, therefore more business!

The last thing anyone should be doing right now is to stick their head in the sand, complain, and do nothing.

I know some have found the Morgan's promotion tasteless... and tacky... but then again, there's always naysayers. And frankly, I'd rather hang around with fun, vivacious people who embrace life!

Here's to us who Live Life to the Fullest!!! :) C'est si bon!

Travel Thank-You's!

With Thanksgiving happening tomorrow, we obviously have alot to be thankful for. The same stuff every year... like friends and family, blah blah... (no, but really -- friends and family you are a big deal!) .... but what else are you thankful for? And specifically what are you thankful for in regards to travel?

Feel free to leave a comment on what you are thankful for in the world of travel, this year.

i.e.: I'm thankful that there are less people traveling right now, therefore for the hotels/airports/restaurants are less crowded and great deals are everywhere!

I'm thankful that it's easier to get upgraded now that less people are traveling.

I'm thankful that it only costs $40 roundtrip for my Prius to go to Vegas or San Diego.

I'm forever grateful for noise-canceling headphones (thank you Bose!) and my iPod! Yess...

Ha! Laughing at Technology..

So first of all, I'm sorry! Sorry that it has officially taken OVER 60 days for me to post here. But looking at the date of the last one, September 11th... well, that was actually the day my "good" laptop crashed. The first time.

Yes... the first time. I brought it back for repair, ironically... I had purchased it EXACTLY one year the year before, so it still had the one-year mfr's warranty. Sent it out for about 45 days... had it back for another 7, and CRASH! Again... alas, HP finally admitted that it was the motherboard.

So I'm coping right now w/ a year 2k Sony vaio Dino.

I know this isn't a travel-related post.. my apologies, but I will continue shortly. :)