Learning Languages from Podcasts

So you're thinking about learning another language? Want to brush up on some skills before you fly over the pond, down south, or over yonder?

If you have iTunes, you should check out the free language podcasts. (Note the word FREE!) I am trying to brush up on my Italian, so i DL'd a bunch the other night. I mean, you're gonna listen to your iPod on the flight anyway, right? :)

Save some room in your luggage, and try not to bring so many "How to speak __ fast" books and toss some podcasts on.

You could even listen to the podcasts in your car while you're driving to work (if you have to commute) or at the gym.


Taste of ( Location of Your Choice)

Yes, long overdue. My bad! Meant to put another post for a long, long time.. But have you ever been to a "Taste" event?

First taste I ever heard of growing up was always the big "Taste of Chicago". WGN always did a great job promoting that event. And living out in SoCal, we had the discriminating "Taste of Newport". Yummmm... good eats!

But this weekend, I don't even have to venture far for my next "Taste". It's traveling out here.... in Arizona, for my alma mater. ?! Yeah... that's right! My university alumni foundation is having a "Taste of Minnesota in Arizona" for us .... Arizonans.

We'll have the traditional Minnesota Walleye... with the side of Minnesota long-grain Wild Rice. There won't be any Minnesota Hamm's beer (out-of-date) or Minnesota Nut Goodie bars. But maybe.. just maybe there will be some good ol' potato salad.

What "Tastes" have you been to?