One Hotelier's Mindset for this Economy...

Check out this link on for the Morgans Hotel Groups' thoughts for the recession. While the language may be bold for some, I tend to appreciate their attitude. Why wimper and crawl into a hole? Embrace the struggle with enthusiam and energy!

Like attracts like... therefore, having a party to celebrate will bring more excitement, more promotion, therefore more business!

The last thing anyone should be doing right now is to stick their head in the sand, complain, and do nothing.

I know some have found the Morgan's promotion tasteless... and tacky... but then again, there's always naysayers. And frankly, I'd rather hang around with fun, vivacious people who embrace life!

Here's to us who Live Life to the Fullest!!! :) C'est si bon!

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MN Mom said...

You go girl!
No gloom and doom for us Pollyanna types from Minnesota! (no matter where we live now)