Vacation Playlists .... keep the memories coming!

So my new thing when I get back from vacation, is I like to create a playlist on iTunes with various songs that I heard while on the trip.

For me, music really has an affect on me. So even if I hear a song - - it's like I'm transported back to that place. ha!

For example, on a recent Girls Getaway trip to Cancun we heard so many fun songs out in the bars and fun new songs that we all danced to in the villa.

And as soon as I got home, I downloaded the new songs and created a playlist for all to enjoy. And now the playlist is saved on my iPod... so whenever I'm wanting to remember how fun the vacation was, I just click on the playlist. And ALL the memories come flooding back!!

I mean... we have playlists for working out, relaxing... why not have one that always reminds you of the fun you just had??

I call mine by the various vacation hotspot - -that's easiest for me.

Great Travel/Foodie gift for the Holidays!

Not sure why it took me SO long to do this... but we tested out the gift certificate last week. What a great deal! And a WONDERFUL gift for the special someone who travels alot. (Maybe that's you?)

It's a great way to check out new restaurants in town... or the city you're going to. It's super easy on their website to sort through the restaurants available.

And the best part - - truly saved $25 off our tab. ;) Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125


Just came back from an AMAZING vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. What was special about this trip was that we were with over 1100 of our friends! Amazing time... we're part of a great travel club. (If you want info about that let me know..)
But what was also special about this trip was the fun adventure tours we took. We went ziplining one day on a canopy tour through the canyons and another day we sailed and grinded away on the America's Cup sailing vessel. So cool!
I'm so glad we went on a couple excursions! We had so much fun with our friends - there were 14 of us who went together. Nothing better than playing around with your friends on vacation!
Excursions are a great way to see different scenery at your destination, experience some adventure, have alot of fun, or even learn history and exciting facts.
I can't WAIT to go on another zipline -- so much fun!!

Learning Languages from Podcasts

So you're thinking about learning another language? Want to brush up on some skills before you fly over the pond, down south, or over yonder?

If you have iTunes, you should check out the free language podcasts. (Note the word FREE!) I am trying to brush up on my Italian, so i DL'd a bunch the other night. I mean, you're gonna listen to your iPod on the flight anyway, right? :)

Save some room in your luggage, and try not to bring so many "How to speak __ fast" books and toss some podcasts on.

You could even listen to the podcasts in your car while you're driving to work (if you have to commute) or at the gym.


Taste of ( Location of Your Choice)

Yes, long overdue. My bad! Meant to put another post for a long, long time.. But have you ever been to a "Taste" event?

First taste I ever heard of growing up was always the big "Taste of Chicago". WGN always did a great job promoting that event. And living out in SoCal, we had the discriminating "Taste of Newport". Yummmm... good eats!

But this weekend, I don't even have to venture far for my next "Taste". It's traveling out here.... in Arizona, for my alma mater. ?! Yeah... that's right! My university alumni foundation is having a "Taste of Minnesota in Arizona" for us .... Arizonans.

We'll have the traditional Minnesota Walleye... with the side of Minnesota long-grain Wild Rice. There won't be any Minnesota Hamm's beer (out-of-date) or Minnesota Nut Goodie bars. But maybe.. just maybe there will be some good ol' potato salad.

What "Tastes" have you been to?