Taste of ( Location of Your Choice)

Yes, long overdue. My bad! Meant to put another post for a long, long time.. But have you ever been to a "Taste" event?

First taste I ever heard of growing up was always the big "Taste of Chicago". WGN always did a great job promoting that event. And living out in SoCal, we had the discriminating "Taste of Newport". Yummmm... good eats!

But this weekend, I don't even have to venture far for my next "Taste". It's traveling out here.... in Arizona, for my alma mater. ?! Yeah... that's right! My university alumni foundation is having a "Taste of Minnesota in Arizona" for us .... Arizonans.

We'll have the traditional Minnesota Walleye... with the side of Minnesota long-grain Wild Rice. There won't be any Minnesota Hamm's beer (out-of-date) or Minnesota Nut Goodie bars. But maybe.. just maybe there will be some good ol' potato salad.

What "Tastes" have you been to?

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MN Mom said...

Sounds like fun! Eat some for me.
What have you been up to? Man I thought maybe Tony did push you overboard after all!
Are you going to C-I over the summer? Shannon and Rylee and I will be home on 5/27th, Shannon and Rylee come home after July 4th and I stay until 8/17. If you are there during any of those dates let us know!