Just came back from an AMAZING vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. What was special about this trip was that we were with over 1100 of our friends! Amazing time... we're part of a great travel club. (If you want info about that let me know..)
But what was also special about this trip was the fun adventure tours we took. We went ziplining one day on a canopy tour through the canyons and another day we sailed and grinded away on the America's Cup sailing vessel. So cool!
I'm so glad we went on a couple excursions! We had so much fun with our friends - there were 14 of us who went together. Nothing better than playing around with your friends on vacation!
Excursions are a great way to see different scenery at your destination, experience some adventure, have alot of fun, or even learn history and exciting facts.
I can't WAIT to go on another zipline -- so much fun!!


MN Mom said...

So nice to hear you are zipping around! Are you zipping in our direction this year? If so call us. You won't believe how Rylee has grown she is almost walking and certainly doing some zipping of her own.

Dan said...

Looks like a great way to bring a group of friends back together for some real fun. Thanks for posting this idea.

-- Dan
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Agate Lake Girl said...

Hey girl. I was excited to see your post. I haven't been on Facebook lately, but my friend Jessica (the Italy girl) said you've been doing some traveling. Miss you! Take care!

MsTraveling Pants said...

Haven't seen you posting for awhile.
Sounds like an awesome excursion. I love zip lining. Then on top of it all Sailing with crew....lovely!
I m jealous!
Ms Traveling Pants

Travel Buddy said...

Thanks for sharing the nice pics of group tours.I like your group tour and great fun.

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BustNLace said...

I would love to know more about the club. Sounds like lots of fun and now it's time for me to travel not only across Europe :)

The first time I came to America, it was on the Carnival cruise with my family and sightseeing the Mexican Riviera (incl. Cabo) I met my husband who was on the same cruise with his family and friends.

We are married now for 3 years and we love to travel and meet nice people.

Thank you for the post,

piter said...

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