Another way to Save money when you Travel -- for Pet Lovers

Okay, so we've always brought our two mini-dachshunds to this great Doggie Daycare when we travel. Our dogs absolutely LOVE it... and they spoil them rotten!

But... the prices for boarding keeps going up, AND.. we're are trying our best to keep costs low when we travel (which is frequently).

So I checked the online business directory of my local Chamber of Commerce and found several licensed and bonded "Pet Sitters". Pet Sitters will come to your house once or twice a day (maybe more or overnight if you'd like)... and they are considerably less expensive.

For example, the local kennel is around $50-60/day for our dogs while the Pet Sitter is $30/day for two visits and up to 3 dogs.

So now our dogs will be in the comfort of home, while we're out drinking Mai Tais! :)


RennyBA said...

Sounds like a good recommendation - if you live and travel in America :-)

Btw: here from BlogCatalog - thanks for the add. See that you have been some places in Europe. Tell me when you plan to go to Norway - I'll gladly guide you.

SoulandSubstance said...

A lot of people use pet sitters. Just make sure you get a really responsible one, with good common sense. As a vet, I have seen the good and the bad, from those who bring in a dog with a small scratch to those who let a deep laceration go for 3 days just because it wasn't bleeding! Make sure you have a contract that spells out everything to do if the unexpected happens. Arrange what your pet sitter is to do if your regular vet is closed. Most emergency clinics require payment up front. What will your sitter do if your pet needs home medical care? Etc., etc.

Bahamas Cruise said...

Thanks for the info. I'm traveling a lot and my Labradors always stay home. When I was in Bahamas Cruise before a year thorough ECT, I had a problem to leave them home for 2 weeks.