Ahhh... Summer Vacation (now a roadtrip!)

Remember National Lampoon's Vacation? Talk about a classic... whether you appreciate this humor or not, it's pretty much how most will probably travel this summer. Road Trip!
Hopefully your roadtrip doesn't involve putting Aunt Edna on the roof of your SUV or visiting crazy Eddy in Kansas. And... I really hope that Wally World doesn't close the day you get there.
With airfare being so high, we are not going to forgo travel or our vacations! We need travel now more than ever. Travel and the escape it offers us, brings most away from the stale cubicles they sit in 45-50 hours every week.
Thank god I no longer sit in a cubicle. I will always feel the need though for escape, to travel, to venture, to explore new and familiar places.
And fortunately, living in Arizona both Vegas (#1 destination in the world I believe) and Southern California are a 5 hour drive away.
"You may think you hate it now, but wait til you drive it." - Clark Griswold


Rita Schiesser said...

Haha. Nice blog yourself! Your 'Minnesota-native and new-generation hippie, drove my VW jetta to SoCal for peace, love, and harmony' profile description is hillarious.

So let me get this straight: You're a professional traveler? I've had 2-3 serious ideas throughout my recent past on how to upgrade to professional travel-ism... can you share yours?

All the Best, RI

Anonymous said...

With the cost of gas most people I know are vacationing in their backyards.

The Unemployed Dad. said...

"Parks Closed...Moose out front should have told you" <---my favorite line from the movie.



Agate Lake Girl said...

I think I win the roadtrip contest. Traveling 4000 miles roundtrip while 7 months pregnant and stopping to pee every hour and a half. I would have driven Clark crazy...

Blue & White Wear said...

Great blog - so informative!

Anonymous said...

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Clint Moore said...

Going on a road trip is a fine way to release work stress, especially when it is eating you from the inside and you wanna badly get out and have fun. It's also the reason I love to go on trips with my best buds, we usually do that at summer when we filed for our vacation leaves at our respective offices, and then they chipped in for the gas and maintenance work by the auto service Burlington to get my SUV pumpin'