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What it's like traveling to Jamaica during the COVID Pandemic

  If you follow me on Instagram @worldtravelista1 , then you know that I recently came back from a quick visit to Jamaica.  It was a somewhat last-minute trip, although I had been thinking of traveling to Jamaica for a couple of weeks. I booked on a Thursday and two days later I was on my way. At the time of booking, the Jamaican Govt only required four states in the US for a negative COVID test  - NY, AZ, TX, and FL. Being that I live in Minnesota there was no testing requirement. And also Jamaica does not require a 14-day mandatory quarantine. So I was able to scratch my travel itch with a last minute booking. The Jamaican government does require an approved Travel Authorization. After answering some questions and inputting my traveling information, I was immediately approved. You can apply for the Travel Authorization on  *As of August 20th, Jamaica now requires a negative COVID test from residents of ALL 50 states of the US, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Braz

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