Luck o' the Irish

So how are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year? If you're over in Dublin right now, not only are you smart and lucky... but I (and the rest of us) are pretty jealous right now!

I have been to Ireland, but it wasn't during St Patrick's Day. Some day... that's on the travel bucket list. (I suppose I should create a blog list for that.)

But I definitely celebrate St. Patrick's Day no matter where I am. It's a fantastic (drinking) holiday to celebrate with friends...especially when it's a traveling holiday.

Here's some thowback photos to a few years ago when some girlfriends and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate. ;)

Yes, they put 45lbs of green dye into the Chicago River. 

Green Beer? Yes, please!

This bar was appropriately called "Shenanigan's"!

Irish Kissy-Face