Bologna - Day 1 (and 1/2)

Made it!
Myself and my luggage made it to Bologna w no delays; kinda expected these days, but always appreciated when it happens.
So it was a bit of a journey getting here, my connections weren't too long - maybe 2.5hrs or so. But my takes:
Detroit not a bad airport, their Delta Sky Club was crowded. Boarding the flight was rather unorganized.

6.5hr flight to AMS went rather fast. Schipol appeared to be under alot of construction, but I made a bee-line for the KLM World Lounge to utilize the arrival showers & caffe.
KLM flight to Bologna was pretty smooth, smaller aircraft (2 and 2 on ea side) - - and they still managed to give everyone a chicken sandwich and drink.

So I had done my research for arrival into BLQ, and figured I would take the autobus - it was only 6EUR. However...after traveling for a while and feeling the heat in Bologna, I opted to just take a taxi to my AirBnb. Was just a bit more and totally worth it - -  16EUR.

Went to the same AirBnB that I stayed previously with my brother. The owner Sandra was pleasant as before; but I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember me. (That's okay.)

Quick change, and then off to lunch at Trattoria la Montanara. Again, same place that Daniel and I went before. I remembered the crescentine bread rolls being good - plus it's literally right around the corner from the flat.

Back for a snooze - - the jet lag is now starting to kick in. 1.5hr snooze becomes 3+ hrs, and I get ready to go walk Bologna  - - in the downpour! (Glad I brought my umbrella.)

Couldn't visit my favorite coffee shop this time (Terzi) - - they just closed as i walked by; so maybe I can revisit them when I go back to Bologna. But now i'm on a mission: get to the Lush store and have me some of that world's best gelato at La Sorbetteria Castiglione.  Oh yeah...  it was amazing!!

Walk back to the flat, i'm finding that most of the retail shops are closing - - this is around 7, 7:30pm. Brief snooze, and then off to the grocery store to find some distilled water (my nose allergy treatments).

Then i wandered to the train station to check on changing my morning train for an even earlier one.... But Trenitalia says that because I had purchased the lowest fare, it's unable to change. So... guess I'll just keep that one and take a taxi to the Florence American Cemetery. (It's too bad cause the taxi ride to the cemetery will be about 44EUR, where the bus is only 3Eur - - but i don't get in early enough to take the bus.)

I had thought of taking the train today to Modena... haven't been there before. But i'm glad that i stuck around Bologna and walked the streets again. This town of 400,000 is very charming... love the history and architecture here - - those porticos really come in handy when it's raining! And that gelato - - wow!

Oh - and score with dinner tonight! No reservation, but i was able to walk into Dal Biassanot  Went for the very traditional Bolognese with the Tortellini al Brado - - soooo good!


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