Travel with a Purpose

Very much looking forward to an upcoming trip to Italy, but first after this family wedding in San Diego! So excited for this wedding too.
Super cute couple, great family, wedding at a brewery, and with a destination like San Diego - - what's not to love?

But immediately after this wedding, I'll be putting the finishing touches on my packing for the 10th Mountain Division Descendants "Return to Italy 2015" trip. Over 100 of us descendants and friends of the 10th will be going to the Appenine Hill Towns in Northern Italy to re-trace the 10th's path during WWII.

Previously my brother and I had taken this trip. Researching the path our Grandfather's 85th Regiment took, and possibly close to where our Grandpa had walked. I tell ya... it was absolutely one of the best journeys I've been on. (And obviously I love to travel!)

Traveling with a purpose to discover more about our Grandpa's WWII journey, and traveling with a sibling was awesome. Unfortunately our Grandpa didn't speak much about his time there, so it's been kind of a jigsaw puzzle to learn. (But it's also kinda fun too... feels like we're doing vacation detective work.)

I definitely do like the no-agenda trips where I'm just lounging on a beach...or wandering through the streets in a small European trip; but giving more "purpose" to my journeys has also made them more enriching for me. I highly encourage you to retrace some part of your family history too on an upcoming trip.


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