Get Your Status....

Oh boy, has it really been a YEAR since I've posted anything in my blog??! That's just horrible.. :)

Well, 2010 was definitely a fulfilling travel year for me. I reached Platinum status once again with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Platinum status with US Airways, Gold status with Hilton, Gold #1 with Hertz, and Silver with Marriott.

Yes, I am a points/frequent flying/loyalty club junkie!

If you're wondering if it's worth the "trouble" getting all those cards... making sure the points are there. Yes, it IS! Next week I'll be flying Envoy class on US Airways (FREE w/ mileage...)to Paris and staying at all hotels in Paris and Amsterdam for FREE (using hotel points). And I even still have 120,000 miles banked for another trip to Venice next yr with my husband.

There are great opportunities and deals out there -- you just have to be a smarter and savvier travel shopper. For instance, my flight to Paris -- roundtrip F/C and Envoy all the way is only costing me 60,000 miles + taxes -- for going in the off-season.

Paris is Paris... I certainly don't mind going in January. :)

Last year was certainly a busy, busy travel year for me - -mainly all business travel. But I'm looking forward to traveling again this year, and collecting all the points for future lifelong memories.


Agate Lake Girl said...

Welcome back travelista! I've been thinking about you lately and wondering what you've been up to. Thanks for the update.

A little Paris trip for your birthday? Not too shabby. Enjoy the milestone! Can you believe it?!

Your younger friend,
Shannon :)

Lily Riani said...

i shall learn from you

Vacation Remix said...

Thanks for the great read. Keep it up!

aljellejay-r said...

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john said...

Oh wow you are such a lucky that you can get so many experience points and its advantages. You have done all this with very well planning to travel many places.

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Angela said...

That's great to collect so many points, never understood how to do it, I suspect I always have to take the same airlines though, which I don't really do :)
Looking forward to reading your posts from your new travels!

Nick Jacobs said...

I'm always on the lookout for cheap airline tickets so I sign up for every frequent flyer program I can find. I don't see how it hurts!

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