Luxury Travel Expo 2008

Arrived home last night after attending my first Luxury Travel Expo in Las Vegas!! This was the 10 year anniversary. It was a great event! It was travel week in Vegas all week, so the Luxury Travel Expo was held in conjunction with the Home-Based Travel Agent Expo. So lot's of great Travel Suppliers were there.

There were exhibitors from ALL over the world, and a lot of great education classes to attend. Everything from social-media to CLIA certification classes (Cruise Line Industry Association). We even had the dancers from Cris Angel's Believe perform during the General Session!! This event is for travel professionals; so even though you may be a Professional Traveler.... it's intended for those of us that earn our income from travel.

I received a lot of great information, and would be more than happy to share with any of you. So please feel free and contact me - - no matter where you may be going, and no matter how large or small your budget. It would be my pleasure to help you have an unforgettable travel experience!

That's the value of working with a travel professional like myself, I can provide you with the latest trends and value-driven advice to ensure that you get every penny's worth and then some. Ciao for now!


MN Mom said...

Sounds like you had fun and got lots of useful knowledge to boot!

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Sharnese LaNier said...

I would have loved to have attended this expo! I've attended several my company sponsored. Great fun, networking and learning. Thanks for the resource! Glad you had fun, and gain more knowledge!

RennyBA said...

Sounds very interesting - thanks for sharing!

You know I love travelling and sharing my adventures too and your always welcome to visit my blog if you like to explore Norway.

Btw: Thanks for the add at Twitter :-)

Brooke Davis said...

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