Unwired at the Airport

If you're a road-warrior or spend alot of time in airports.... waiting and waiting for your supposedly scheduled flight to take off, you're obviously using wireless service of some kind.

Ever wondered which airports provide the lowest-cost or FREE (better yet!) wireless? Well, check it out here!

Living in the Phoenix-area, we are pretty lucky to have FREE access at Sky Harbor. It is such a nice treat! I'm reminded of just how nice it is whenever taking off from another airport that charges. Grrrr.

I understand everybody's trying to get their slice of the $8T (Trillion) dollar travel industry. But come on! Show the tired and weary travelers stuck in the airport some love!

And the idea of charging for 24 hours of airport wireless access is ludicrous anyways! Like we really want to be waiting in the airport longer than we already are... ha! :)

So show us frequent travelers some love, and offer it complimentary.


MN Mom said...

Hey Jess...Baby Rylee is very sweet when she wants to be...and feisty when she doesn't. She takes after her daddy I think! It is quite a change. Shannon is feeling much much better and her swelling is mostly gone so she is getting back to her old self. Hope to talk to you soon...Connie

Akum said...

Thanks for this post.. Its really informative.

Shannon said...

Love the new wallpaper - super cute!

MN Mom said...

Hey Jess nice to hear your voice the other day. Sounds like all is well with you. I agree with the wireless airport stuff-charging? Come on!

dylan555 said...

Wow, that's good stuff to know! I'm really tired of everyone charging for wireless, especially hotels!

MN Mom said...

Get wired! We haven't heard from you in forever.

Less Than a said...

I'm with you -- it is a stingy airport that doesn't do its best to make delays and long layovers easier on travelers. I blogged about another free airport wireless link that might be of use:

Friday Freebie: WiFi in Airports

Adding yours to the comments on my post. Thanks!